Smokin’ in the Boys Room || First Day of School Outfit: College Edition


Happy Friday:

I can’t believe the summer is officially over and the school season is already upon us. I’ve been out of university the past year due to having my baby, so it’s kind of weird for me to say that my summer vacation is over. I am super excited about finishing up my last year, though!

Just so you guys know, I did takes pictures of my outfit before hand, mainly because of the busy schedule I will be having the week I start school. This might be the trend for me when it comes to school related outfits – all of my friends have already graduated, so I don’t have anyone to take photos of me on campus.

pic5I bought my backpack about two years ago during an Urban Outfitters sale. I paid only 10 bucks for it, which is amazing! If you ever shop at Urban, make sure you do it when they have their sales. You’ll get some dope pieces for super cheap. I added patches to make it more personal – I have been collecting patches for the past few months, so expect a post soon on my collection & how I add patches to my backpack.


For my top, I went with my ‘50 Cent’ inspired tank crop from American Eagle. It’s super light weight & comfortable and I am obsessed with the way it’s cut. It has such a flattering neckline. My necklace is from my DeadGysie collection – this one in particular makes me feel like a Forest Fairy. 


As for bottoms, I stole my boyfriend’s Zara sweats and rocked them in a high-waisted fashion. These pants are very comfortable and also frames me nicely.


For shoes, I went with my red Vans to add a pop of color. I also went with sneakers for my first day because I will be on campus for roughly 9 hours. My main goal with this outfit was comfort; it’s going to be fun getting use to being a college student, again.


Top: American Eagle

Necklace: DeadGypsie

Sweats: Zara [Boyfriend’s]

Bag: Urban Outfitters

Sneakers: Vans

I hope you are all having a good end-of-summer back-to-school transition!

Until next week.

GC xo

Couples OOTD: End of summer ’15 || Video

Happy Wednesday:

If you read my last post, you would know that Darien won a pair of Vans for me through an Instagram giveaway. Darien is my boyfriend, for those of you who are new here or just don’t know. They are the Vans collaboration with the beer Pabst Blue Ribbon. He got them in my size because he had bought a pair for himself a few months ago, through a sneaker forum. He’s the sweetest & I’m the luckiest girl in the world.

In celebration of America’s 239th birthday, Pabst Blue Ribbon went and gave away 239 pairs of kicks, for free! I was one who has always been skeptical about Instagram giveaways, but they are actually legitimate. So don’t be afraid, go ahead & enter that giveaway!

I thought it’d be cool for both us to style them. It’s been a while since we last filmed a fashion video together, so when we were officially twinning with these kicks, this video idea hit me. What do you think of our outfits? Which one is your favorite?

I never heard of this brand of beer until Darien bought his pair of Vans. But guys, let me tell you, it’s officially my favorite beer! It doesn’t have that harsh taste most beers have, and it goes down your throat easy. Know what I mean? I recommend this beer to anyone who hasn’t found that perfect beer yet – it’s perfection, I swear.

Thank you so much for stopping by – enjoy the video!

Until Friday:

GC xo

There’s No Place Like Home || PBR x Vans Collaboration

Happy Friday:

JUST A WARNING: today’s outfit is super casual. I’m talking jeans, tee & sneakers type of casual.

pic 1.5

It’s been a while since I’ve rocked an ensemble like this. Every time I wear this combo, the feelings of nostalgia always hit me; it was my outfit choice everyday in Middle School. Those were the good ol’ days, not worrying about what you wore or how dirty you got.

pic 5.5

pic 5

This entire outfit is styled around my Vans. I’ve had them for about a month, and it honestly hurts to say that I’ve only worn these once. These Vans were won, through an Instagram giveaway, by my boyfriend. TIP: Enter those Instagram giveaways. You never know. TIP FOR GC: Follow your own advice.

On the 4th of July, Pabst Blue Ribbon was giving away 239 pairs of Vans to celebrate the birth of America. Darien entered the contest, won and was awesome enough to get them in my size.

pic 2.5

In styling them, I decided to work my way up and picked out my bottoms next – I went with my AE cropped jeggings. The rips are perfect and I love how the ‘crop’ hits me above my ankles. It’s the perfect way to flaunt your shoe. I normally roll up my denim, but the convenience of the ‘crop’ makes me seriously obsessed with this pair.

For my top, I went with my Dorothy Tee from Supreme. I don’t wear this tee often, but it’ll always be a favorite. It carries a lot of sentimental value for me – which involves both my love for theater & the shenanigans Darien and I have gone through waiting in line for the Supreme drops.

pic 6.5

I wanted to add a bit of color to my outfit, but didn’t want to wear any red. I decided to go with a different shade instead, and went with my magenta, fringe bag from Urban. It adds the perfect amount of bohemian spice, which is something I love to add into all of my outfits.

pic 3.5

Be on the lookout: Darien & I are planning on doing a couples OOTD on my youtube channel soon styling these Vans. We’ve been talking about it for some time and I’m super excited!

I hope y’all are having an amazing week; cheers to the weekend!

GC xo

pic 4.5Top: Supreme

Belt: Urab Outfitters

Jeans: American Eagle

Bag: Urban Outfitters

Necklace: DeadGypsie

Sneakers: Vans

T-Shirt Dress: Lookbook Summer ’15 || Video

Happy Hump day:

I know Wednesday is normally my outfit [post] day, but I decided to switch things up this week.

Here’s my newest video; 3 looks styling my favorite little black dress.

Which look would you wear? One, two or three?

‘Till Friday,

GC xo

Living With Androgenic Alopecia: Hair Care & How I Deal With It || Video CLOSED CAPTIONED

I’m extremely nervous about posting up this video, but I am a firm believer that great things come to those who step out of their comfort zone.

I wanted to share my story of Androgenic Alopecia because I know it’s something a lot of women deal with.

I also talk about what I do as far as hair care & how I live/deal with this condition on the daily.

Thank you so much for watching.

GC. xo

The Girl with the Gypsy Soul.


Happy Hump Day:

I’m so sorry that it’s been 2 weeks since my last outfit post – things at home have been super intense. There’s a family member in the hospital who’s in critical condition, so everything has been seriously out of whack. I haven’t had the time to do anything, I feel like! Nonetheless, I managed to throw this look together on Monday for a few mom tasks I needed to take care of. There was no real effort in coming up with this outfit: I’ve come to the realization that these type of outfits, the ones I style with no real effort, are always my favorite. I loved this look because it was super effortless & perfectly flowly. My gypsy soul thrives when these two are in harmony with my look.

I hope you guys appreciate the fact that I am repeater when it comes to my clothing pieces. You guys have seen all of these pieces, at least once, in previous outfit posts. This tee is one of my favorites – oversized tee’s are a serious essential for every girl, in my opinion. They always sit perfectly on your body and if you’re short like me, you could totally get away with wearing them as a dress. With shorts underneath, of course. Wearing my tee’s as dresses is something new that I’ve been doing and I’m hooked. It’s the perfect way to flaunt my legs. TIP: Flaunt your favorite part of your body with no shame. Just make sure the rest of your outfit is proportionate. 

The shorts that I’m wearing are my high-rise shorties from American Eagle. The  pockets hang from them, which is a lovely touch because it shows that I am wearing shorts, without really having to show them.


I went a bit bracelet crazy; it’s been a while since I’ve done that. High School, I think? It’s a great way to add spice to any outfit & is the perfect touch of bohemian. TIP: To make it extra fun, mix colors, textures & materials. 

I threw on this floral kimono for an added layer. I love wearing outer pieces in general since I almost always wear shorter things on my bottom half. I like to ensure that the booty is properly covered.

Both of my necklaces are from my Etsy shop. I’ve worn this black Onyx necklace in almost every outfit post to date & to be honest, I don’t think I’m going to stop rocking it. I combined that necklace with my Quartz necklace because I needed it’s strength. I swear by these crystals – the Earth is made with so much energy & there’s no better way to obtain that energy than by surrounding yourself with Earth’s natural accessories.


For shoes, I went with my black Steve Madden lace-up booties because they’re the perfect everyday shoe. I’m always being blessed by the shoe gods, I swear.


I hope y’all are having the best week! I seriously can’t believe that we’re already into the second week of August. Am I the only one who feels like this summer just came and went so fast?

pic2Top: Urban Outfitters

Kimono: Forever21

Bag: Brandy Melville

Shorts: American Eagle

Shoes: Steve Madden

Necklaces: DeadGypsie

Until Friday,

GC xo