There’s No Place Like Home || PBR x Vans Collaboration

Happy Friday:

JUST A WARNING: today’s outfit is super casual. I’m talking jeans, tee & sneakers type of casual.

pic 1.5

It’s been a while since I’ve rocked an ensemble like this. Every time I wear this combo, the feelings of nostalgia always hit me; it was my outfit choice everyday in Middle School. Those were the good ol’ days, not worrying about what you wore or how dirty you got.

pic 5.5

pic 5

This entire outfit is styled around my Vans. I’ve had them for about a month, and it honestly hurts to say that I’ve only worn these once. These Vans were won, through an Instagram giveaway, by my boyfriend. TIP: Enter those Instagram giveaways. You never know. TIP FOR GC: Follow your own advice.

On the 4th of July, Pabst Blue Ribbon was giving away 239 pairs of Vans to celebrate the birth of America. Darien entered the contest, won and was awesome enough to get them in my size.

pic 2.5

In styling them, I decided to work my way up and picked out my bottoms next – I went with my AE cropped jeggings. The rips are perfect and I love how the ‘crop’ hits me above my ankles. It’s the perfect way to flaunt your shoe. I normally roll up my denim, but the convenience of the ‘crop’ makes me seriously obsessed with this pair.

For my top, I went with my Dorothy Tee from Supreme. I don’t wear this tee often, but it’ll always be a favorite. It carries a lot of sentimental value for me – which involves both my love for theater & the shenanigans Darien and I have gone through waiting in line for the Supreme drops.

pic 6.5

I wanted to add a bit of color to my outfit, but didn’t want to wear any red. I decided to go with a different shade instead, and went with my magenta, fringe bag from Urban. It adds the perfect amount of bohemian spice, which is something I love to add into all of my outfits.

pic 3.5

Be on the lookout: Darien & I are planning on doing a couples OOTD on my youtube channel soon styling these Vans. We’ve been talking about it for some time and I’m super excited!

I hope y’all are having an amazing week; cheers to the weekend!

GC xo

pic 4.5Top: Supreme

Belt: Urab Outfitters

Jeans: American Eagle

Bag: Urban Outfitters

Necklace: DeadGypsie

Sneakers: Vans

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