What I’ve Been Loving | September 2015


Happy Wednesday:

I’ve always enjoyed watching ‘favorites’ videos on YouTube, but have never been keen on filming them. They’re just not my type of video. Since blogging, I’ve read a few posts, from various ladies, dedicated to their current faves, so I thought why not give it a try? Well, here we are! I added a variety of topics to my favorites list: beauty, fashion, music and a few random knick knacks.

Here’s what I’ve been loving in the month of September:



I’ve been obsessed with the Bath & Body Works lotion Sugar Plum Dream. It has hints of sugar plum, citrus and blossoms. It’s the perfect blend of girly and sweet, making it simply delicious. This is a seasonal scent – I believe it’s only available during the holidays. I’m hoping I can get my hands on a full-size bottle soon, my current stash is running seriously low! This travel-size bottle was gifted to me by a family member.

Hi, I’m Glendaly, and I am a chapstick hoarder. I’ll be the first to admit – I’m addicted to chapsticks. I’m the type of person who, upon loosing a chapstick or balm, will go out of my way to pick up a new one, to then find the one that was originally lost a few days later. I mean, you can never have too many lip moisturizers, right? Blistex is my preferred brand for medicating and moisturizing my dry, chapped lips, but when I can’t find it any where, Maybelline’s Dr. Rescue has been my go to balm. It’s super moisturizing, and gives your lips that tingly feeling medicated lip balms are supposed to give you. In simpler words: it does its job. 




I love oversized tees; I’ve been really into rocking them as dresses. This tee, in particular, has been my current obsession. First and foremost, I am a huge supporter of the artist, Plasma Slug. The dedication and love he has for both his art work and his supporters is inspiring, and I wish him all of the success in the world. His Instagram following has increased by over 2,000 followers since I’ve started working with him – hard word, dedication, and passion takes you a long way. Fashion wise: despite wearing this tee as a dress, the main reason why I’ve been obsessed with it is because of its color. It’s a bright yellow-orange color – a color I never wear – so the challenge of trying to style this piece has been such a sport. Spoiler Alert: Future outfit post coming soon.


It’s a known fact that every girl needs a pair of black, ankle booties in there closet. I’ve been throwing these babies on with almost every outfit this past month – they are literally the easiest booties to walk in! I picked these booties up on Amazon about two years ago, and they are still going strong. They are perfect for fall: they add the perfect amount of casual sass to any look.



I’ve always been super picky when it comes to jewelry, it’s one of the many reasons why I started creating my own pieces. My Mermaid Warrior necklace [no longer available] is an official keeper in my collection. I just love the Earthy vibe it brings to any outfit.


This is a new type of bracelet I’ve been fabricating – stretchy bands. I’ve been loving this particular one mainly because of its color. It adds a nice, subtle pop of color to any outfit.



This month, I was introduced to Melanie Martinez; I found her one day, browsing through Instagram. This is her first debut album, and it’s beautifully crafted. The entire album is a long, continuous story, following this character she portrays – Cry Baby. It’s extremely dark and twisted, but has this whimsical, circus de freak feel that just fits with my soul perfectly. Her track Carousel was used as the intro song for last season’s American Horror Story. Favorite tracks: Sippy Cup, Mrs. Potatoe Head, Cake, Dollhouse. 

Knick Knacks 

Photo of my laptop screen. Sorry for the terrible quality. xo


My knick knack favorites are both related to blogging.

The first one, posted above, is an app called Evernote. I’m still getting adjusted to the functions, but so far, I’ve been enjoying it. This app can be downloaded onto phones, tablets and computers. When you leave a note, all devices can access it, making it super easy to jot down ideas, lists, or future posts. I will definitely be venturing more into this app as the weeks follow.


Last, but certainly not least, my journal has been a serious favorite of mine. This journal is where I keep all of my ideas for future posts, videos, anything related to my blog/vlog life. It’s somewhat similar to what I do on Evernote, however, I use the app more for drafting posts, more than anything. I picked this journal up at a local K Mart in my neighborhood for 11 dollars. I’m really big about writing down your thoughts, even if it isn’t blog related. It’s always good to keep track of ideas, dreams and thoughts that you think of – your mind is seriously an amazing thing! I feel like writing these types of things down in a sophisticated journal adds value to my thoughts, which makes me cherish my ideas so much more. The mature and serious vibes this journal evokes continuously pushes me to jot down my ideas and thoughts.

What have you been loving this past month?


Thank you so much for reading!

‘Till Friday,

GC xo

New York Gypsy.


Happy Monday:

I hope you had an amazing weekend!

Did you get a chance to see the blood moon last night? It was definitely a sight to see. My gypsy soul was on maximum – I couldn’t keep my eyes away!


Though I do have a soft spot for fairies, for those of you who don’t know, my name, La Mama Hada, means The Mom Fairy in Spanish, my soul will always be one with the gypsies. I’m a total wanderer and my love for all things supernatural is serious. I have a sixth sense – I’m convinced.

My best friend asked me to tag a long with him to pick up a few things from a local Botanica for a school project he was working on. A botanica is a store that sells folk medicine, religious candles, oils, things of that nature. It’s extremely popular in Latino & Hispanic cultures.

I’m not sure if I subconsciously felt the need to channel my inner gypsy on this trip, or I just really wanted to rock my floppy hat since its official fall, but, either way, I seriously felt like myself in this outfit. It was perfect. 



My black, high-waisted skinnies are my current obsession. I can’t wait to play around with them this season – it’s perfectly versatile! I paired my skinnies with my halter crop from the Jhene Aiko x Neff collaboration, because I love the boho-princess feel it evokes. To cover up, I threw on my Forever 21 floral kimono. The key to mixing prints is having a common color. In my case, it’s, of course, black. And to add some sass, I decided to go all out with some heeled, ankle booties.

Will you be channeling your inner gypsy this fall season?


Hat: Billabong

Kimono: Forever 21

Halter Crop: Jhene Aiko x Neff

Denim: American Eagle

Bag: Brandy Melville

Shoes: Baker’s

Necklace: DeadGypsie

‘Till Wednesday,

GC xo

Photo Credit: Oscar Rivera *Click on his name to check out his work.

Purple Daze.


Happy Friday:

I’m not super daring when it comes to lipsticks.

To be honest, rocking a colored pout is still a new thing for me – young Glendaly wouldn’t dare have the confidence to rock a bold, colored lip. Once I fell hard into the blogging/vlogging world, I started noticing how rocking a pretty pout brought me feelings of empowerment. It makes me feel like a woman, and I love that feeling.

If you’ve read my previous post, Orange is the New Black, you would know that the week I decided to commit to this blog, I found a free blogging class in the city. It came into my life at the most perfect time, and I thank the Universe everyday for bringing that opportunity into my life. The teacher, Melrose, who is now a good friend of mine, was the inspiration behind that post. She gave me an exercise that influenced me into rocking my “Orange Dream” lippie by ELF. I loved that post so much that I decided to style another outfit around a lip color.


I bought this purple lipstick, Shameless by Revlon, a few months back, and it’s sad to say that I’ve only worn it twice. It’s a beautiful color, but one that makes me a bit nervous since it’s so bold. Nonetheless, I decided to give it a go and styled this outfit.

To keep the lipstick my ‘statement piece,’ I went with an all black ensemble. I mixed up the textures of black, giving the outfit some dimension. I threw on my amethyst necklace from my Etsy shop to compliment my lip color, and added shorties underneath my dress as a safety measure.




I love the mysterious vibe purple lips radiate –  I though it was only right to bring out my floppy hat to embody that.

I hope y’all are having a wonderful Friday.

Cheers to the weekend!

‘Till Monday.

GC xo

pic01Hat: BillaBong

Dress: Brandy Melville

Bralette: Aerie

Shorts: American Eagle

Knit Cardigan: Brandy Melville

Booties: Amazon

Bag: Brandy Melville

Necklace: DeadGypsie

Love. | Open Journal Summer ’15

Happy Wednesday:

I’ve watched a few open journal type videos on youtube and always had an interest in creating my own version. I was a bit scared at first, because it’s completely different from anything else I’ve done on my channel; it’s a lot more personal. Nonetheless, I decided to go for it.

This summer was pretty wild: I’ve experienced so much, both physically and emotionally. Self love and growth have been the stars of my summer, and I am blessed to have had all of the opportunities given to me. To be honest, I’m a bit heart broken that summer is officially over.

Becoming the mom I’ve always wanted, finding the balance of living with a partner, and learning how to love myself have been such surreal lessons I’ve learned.

I’m beyond excited to see where the fall season takes me.

Here, my open journal for Summer 2015:

Thank you for stopping by.
‘Till Friday.
GC xo

NYFW Recap: FIT Showcase & Badiel’s Charity Show for Rising Stars | Fall 2015

Collection by designer Anthony Eastwick.

Happy Monday:

I can’t believe New York Fashion Week is officially over. This was the first year where I actually got the opportunity to attend a fashion show – two fashion shows, as a matter-of-fact. Both shows were a bit surreal; my love & passion for fashion was on maximum and I swear, I was in Utopia. I want to give a huge thank you to one of my good friends, and fellow fashion blogger, Melrose, for inviting me to one of the events. She introduced me to a world that I cannot wait to experience again next year!

Georgie Badiel’s Charity Fashion Show for Rising Stars:

This was Badiel’s 5th annual charity fashion show, and it’s inspired by the conditions of her home town in Burkina Faso, West Africa. The proceeds for this event goes straight into her foundation, which helps provide fresh, clean water to those who don’t have access to it back in Africa. Her cause is amazing – I love & respect Ms. Badiel for bringing change into the world through representing & showcasing up-and-coming designers. She radiated love while speaking, and I wish her many, many more successful shows in the years to come.

Georgie Badiel speaking about her foundation.

There were 4 collections showcased: a couture collection by NYC based designer Kevin Shahroozi, dresses by Michelle Blanchard design, chic handbags by AB&B, and finally, elegant dresses designed by Anthony Eastwick.

Kevin Shahroozi, who I had the honor of meeting, is a born & raised New Yorker. His collection was very clean-cut, fresh, and definitely had European accents with his play on structure. He mostly designed pieces for men, but there were a few structured pieces for the ladies, which was a nice, added surprise. I’m very excited to see where Mr. Shahroozi heads next – his classic, yet super-structured vibe is impeccable.



The AB&B handbag collection was super funky – I would have never thought that rocking a vintage record, as a handbag, could be so chic. The handbags are completely innovative, and can be worn in a variety of ways. I can imagine myself rocking this bag with a whimsical, bold look. Or if I’m feeling a bit casual, I could rock a basic look, making this bag the statement piece.


The dresses designed by Michelle Blanchard were beautifully put together.  The collection varied from everyday looks, office attire, and nightlife fashion. This collection had a great mix of classic fits mingled with lively prints & colors.




There was a brief intermission, where artist Peace Simon came on stage and did a live art show…upside-down. Everyone was a bit confused at first, but once the painting was done, and the canvas was turned over, we saw a clear painting of the one and only Bob Marley. Very impresssive, Mr. Simon.



Though the show had a beautiful mix of fashion pieces & artists, the last collection was by far my favorite: Anthony Eastwick. His collection had a variety of vibes – it ranged from modern elegance to hints of renaissance and romance, and as a theater major, I seriously appreciated the elements he added into this collection. The collection flowed beautifully, with no dress going unnoticed.

One of the models killed one of his gowns: the beautiful Jayka. She’s 6’1, french, and has the aura of a queen.




I am so glad I got the opportunity to experience this show – thank you again, Melrose, for inviting me. It was definitely a night to remember.


Fashion Institute of Technology: Proffesor’s Runway Escape Fashion Show

This fashion show was held at the Empire Hotel, 63rd St and 7th Ave, on its rooftop. There was a spectacular view of the city, which added a true NYFW vibe to this event. The Fashion Institute of Technology showcased 3 collections, all inspired by the psychology program they offer at the school.

This was an interesting take on fashion design, and one I was totally excited to take a peek at. Here are a few pieces I really loved:
I actually found the FIT event through Eventbrite, which is both a website and an app that I totally recommend you all checking out. They have a variety of events, both free and payed, that are great for individuals who want to network with other creators in any field. I have attended a variety of events through this app: parties, fashion shows, even workshops about marketing & personal branding. This app has completely changed my life.
The world offers opportunities for everyone to go out and experience a new part of their city – you just have to be willing to put yourself out there. 

The experiences of attending these fashion shows is definitely something I can see myself doing for seasons to come. I love how both of these shows were cheap and free to attend, making it accessible to everyone who enjoys fashion.

With that, see you next year NYFW.

Thank you so much for reading.

‘Till Wednesday:

GC xo

Outfit Diary: Summer ’15 | Lookbook

Happy Tuesday:

I hope y’all had an amazing weekend!

Am I the only one who’s a bit heartbroken that summer is already over? I feel like I learned so much about myself – self love & personal growth has been a huge part of my summer. Though I’m not fully ready for the transition into fall, I am excited to see where the next few months take me. All good things come to an end; all I can do is welcome the coming season with open arms, positivity and love. 

I’m ending this summer with two videos: both are considered ‘open journals.’ The first one, which is at the end of this post, is all about a few outfits I wore this summer that I really liked, but did not document via Youtube or WordPress. The second video, which will be up next Tuesday, is a more personal open journal. I’m a bit nervous about this video, mainly because I’ve never filmed a video like this before. I am super stoked to share it will y’all, either way!

What are you looking forward too this upcoming season? Sweater weather? Hot chocolate? The holidays with you family?

Hope you enjoy this video:

Which outfit would you wear?

‘Till Thursday.

GC xo

First Week of School Outfits: Lookbook Fall ’15 | College Edition

Happy Friday:

Two posts in two days? What?!

I’m a bit backed up on posts; I prefer every other day, but, I’m still getting adjusted to my college schedule. Give me another week or two, and I’ll be back to a proper schedule. Ya know, life happens sometimes, and the only real thing you can do about it, is just go with the flow.

Last week was my first, official, full week of classes; and I’m on campus from Monday – Thursday. I wanted to share with y’all the outfits I wore my first week back.

I do apologize for my outfits being relatively basic & casual. If you read my last post, you would know that I was asked to participate in two events as a vendor. Prepping for those events, plus starting school, being a mom & trying to keep up with my love & social life pretty much made me a zombie the entire week. All I wanted to do was dress in comfortable clothes, and be chill.

Stay ‘till the end of the video – I mention briefly what my next two videos are going to be about. I’m super stoked for the next few weeks.

Which outfit did you like best?

‘Till next week.

GC xo

My Newbie Experience as a Table Vendor || Plasmaville & the Poor Brown Kids Apt. Series Review


Happy Thursday:

I know this post is a bit different compared to my usual material, but I really wanted to share my experiences as a first time, table vendor.

Before I started this blog, roughly 3 months ago, I spent a lot of my free time working on both my Youtube channel [I still do upload videos, once a week] & my Etsy shop. I’ve been making jewelry & soap for almost a year now, though, my Etsy shop has only been up and running since May. I filmed a video all about ‘How to Start a Successful Jewelry Business’ which you can watch HEREI still stand by everything I said in that video, but two tips I would add from recent experiences: [1] go out & mingle with other artists and [2] seriously look into spending an afternoon at a flea market or event with a vendor table. Last week I had two events, Tuesday, September 1st & Friday, September 4th, in which I had the honor of having a table selling a bunch of my handmade goodies:

Plasmaville: Hosted by Plasma Slug

Plasmaville: Both kids & adults participated in a scavenger hunt to find Plasma Slugs.

Plasmaville was definitely an experience on its own, especially as an attendee. The event took place in a large, open, grassy field, holding the oldest home in New York City [built in 1709], called the Onderdonk House; it’s located between Bushwhick, Brooklyn & Ridgewood, Queens.  For more information on the history of the house & field, click HERE. If you’re in the NYC area, I recommend checking out this house. It’s open for touring on Saturdays, 1-5 P.M. with a 3 dollar suggested donation.

The photo above was located at the far end of the field – it was closed off with yellow tape during the beginning portion of this event. There were tons of Plasma toys hidden, waiting to be found by both kids & adults via scavenger hunt. This was just one of the many dope activities that were offered at Plasmaville.

Big Ed’s BBQ. He traveled all the way from New Jersey to cook for this event.
Face painting was another activity offered.
Finished product of my daughter’s ‘face’ painting.
The table located in the middle of the field was dedicated to arts & craft for the kiddies.

Kids were given an entire area, in the middle of the field, to do all things arts & crafts related. This was, by far, my favorite part of this event. Giving children the opportunity to be creative & use their imagination is something I admire & appreciate. Throughout the entire event, the chairs were continuously filled with attendees – I even peeped a few adults head over there to color, too!

Face painting was also offered, kids & adults alike were being covered in Plasma Slugs.


Through my vendor’s eye: I really do recommend, to anyone, who not only has a business made up of handmade goodies, but if you blog, or do anything via internet – get yourself involved with other artists & creators. This is something I’m personally still working on and I will forever be thankful to both Plasma Slug & the creators of the PBK Art Collective for giving me the opportunity to experience this.

I didn’t have proper business cards for both events, I foolishly ordered them a few days too late; this is definitely something I wish I put more thought into and will be prepared with for future events. Being really familiar with your products is another key component to selling goodies. People love handmade things, but they are more likely to buy your goodies if you speak about your products with honesty & confidence.

I met so many amazing people who bought a few of my soaps & jewelry pieces; but one customer in particular left a mark in my little ol’ heart. Her name was Sophia, and she was my youngest customer. She was between the ages of 4-6. She came over to my table, glanced at everything, asked a ton of questions, then finally saw the only 12k Gold-wrapped Quartz crystal necklace I had. She immediately asked her father to buy it for her, which he did. I put the necklace on Sophia & started telling her all about the meaning & powers behind the Quartz, and I swear, her smile & excitement is something I won’t ever forget. Moments like this, something that I would never be able to experience via internet through my Etsy shop, made me realize that physically interacting with people is a necessity. Sitting behind a computer screen is nothing compared to being face-to-face with your customers, and I am excited to take on the challenge of exploring more flea markets in my neighborhood.

Plasma Soaps.
Camo Plasma, hiding in the bushes.

If you don’t already, be sure to follow Plasma Slug on Instagram. He’s defineitly changing the art game & I wish him all the success in the world.

Take a peek of Plasmaville:

Full credit for this video belongs to: JeffStash Box

Poor Brown Kids Art Collective Presents the Apartment Series Pt. 2: Portraits 

*Photos with artwork aren’t edited; I didn’t want to manipulate them anymore than they already are. 


The PBK Art Collective was a completely different experience. This event had more of a gallery style setting – definitely not your typical art gallery, though. What the Poor Brown Kids are doing with this is revolutionary: one of the founders, Nik Antonio, uses one of the apartments from the building his father owns in Brooklyn to host these galleries. This one in particular is the second installment, & again, this is something I can totally see changing the art game. What I love most about the PBK Art Collective is the fact that they only accept artwork from people of color.

So many people came through; I would definitely say that the night was a total success.

Here are a few of my favorites pieces:

Artist: Nik Antonio
Artist: Oscar Rivera
Artist: Roberto Rischmaui
Artist: Casianna Torres
Artist: Natalage Davis ; Homie in the middle: Oscar Rivera
My set-up. Using a nightstand & Window Sill.

I love the rawness of the location – it’s a key component to the overall experience of this show. You walk into this apartment & see art work hung up, everywhere. Such a chill vibe. The PBK are innovative & I can’t wait to see what the next installment holds.

I’m super stoked to annouce that the PBK Art Collective are interested in having me again, at the next installment. 

I want to, again, thank both Plasma Slug & the PBK crew for the amazing experiences last week. I’ve learned so much about myself, my business & where I want to head next with my brand; I couldn’t have asked for a better reward. 

Natalage was kind enough to give me one of her pieces. It’s currently hung-up in my work station.

20150901_161103Key Tips I’ve Learned:

  • Have a proper, non-misleading business card.
  • Be ready to answer questions.
  • Be knowledgeable & honest about your products.
  • Be friendly, make eye-contact & don’t forget to smile.
  • Make your table set-up aesthetically pleasing.
  • Change products out to give customers something ‘new’ to look at.
  • Surround yourself with people who truly support your work.
  • Ask friends & family to help.
  • Enjoy your time & always have fun!

“Be willing to be uncomfortable. Be comfortable being uncomfortable. It may get tough, but it’s a small price to pay for living a dream.”
Peter McWilliams

Thank you so much for reading:

GC xo

The Theater Lover & Her Flannel Affair || Transitioning Fall ’15

Happy Tuesday:

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day/Weekend!

My weekend was pretty chill, except for Sunday. I was invited out to see a performance of The Odyssey [written by Homer] by one of my best friends. It was produced by The Public Works, which is an organization that was created by the Public Theater three summers ago. It was performed in the Delacorte Theater, which is located inside Central Park & is the same theater that hosts performances by Shakespeare in the Park [also created by the Public Theater]. What the Public Theater has done with both of these organizations is give accessibility to everyone in NYC to experience free theater. What I love the most about The Public Works, though, is the fact that it’s more community based. There were 5 different communities involved in this production of The Odyssey; the best part about these communities is that most of the participants are people of color. Watching over a hundred people, of all ages & color, perform on this stage which has held so many big names in the industry, is an experience on its own. I am extremely excited to see where The Public Works will go next; It’s definitely a game changer for the theater industry.


I do enjoy dressing up a bit whenever I’m going out to see a performance. I like to wear relatively casual outfits with heeled booties: heeled booties are a must have to help bring any casual outfit up a notch.

I’m super excited about dressing up this fall, mainly because of this flannel. I am obsessed with how soft it is, the color & the fact that I can totally get away with rockin’ it as a dress. I got this flannel for roughly 3 bucks a local thrift store & I couldn’t be happier with the purchase. I did rock shorts underneath, though, because I am a momma – I’ve got to be prepared for anything.

DIY Studs x Thrifted Flannel.


For shoes, I went with my black, lace-up booties from Amazon. I always gravitate towards these booties during the fall season. I love how they roughen up any look, and the best part about them is that they are the easiest pair of shoes to walk in.


For my purse, I went with my red, gypsy inspired bag from Urban Outfitters. I thought it’d be a nice pop of color to add to my outfit.



Both my bracelet & necklace are from my Etsy shop: DeadGypsie*


Flannel: Thrifted DIY Studs

Shorts: American Eagle

Bag: Urban Outfitters

Booties: Amazon

Jewelry: DeadGypsie

‘Till Thursday.

GC xo

*All of the pieces I have left are on CLEARANCE. Add an additional 15% off with the code: gypsy13

What’s in my School Bag? Fall 2015 | College Edition

I’ve been so caught up this past week.

Not only did I officially start my first, full week of classes, I’m currently typing this up during my 3 hour break, but I was offered the opportunity, for two separate events, to have a table selling some of my handmade goodies! It’s been such a blessing, and seriously, so much fun. I am definitely planning on writing up a post about my experiences, so be on the lookout for that next week!

For the longest time, I have been itching to film a “What’s in my Bag?” type of video. But I change out my purse every few days, so I never have the opportunity to film an accurate depiction of what my bag usually consists of. While getting my backpack ready for my first day of classes last week, I thought filming this video was the perfect opportunity to fill my wanting.

My backpack is from Urban Outfitters & is definitely my favorite backpack that I have in my closet. Denim is such a classic & in my opinion, is the perfect pop of texture. The bleaches & rips gives it spunk, and spunk is what my life is all about. I’m in the process of adding a ton of patches to this bad boy, which is another post I am planning to have up in the near future, so again, be on the lookout for that. I’m seriously excited about what the end product is going to look like.

Nonetheless, here are all of the goodies I have in my backpack:

Thank you so much for watching!

GC xo