The Theater Lover & Her Flannel Affair || Transitioning Fall ’15

Happy Tuesday:

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day/Weekend!

My weekend was pretty chill, except for Sunday. I was invited out to see a performance of The Odyssey [written by Homer] by one of my best friends. It was produced by The Public Works, which is an organization that was created by the Public Theater three summers ago. It was performed in the Delacorte Theater, which is located inside Central Park & is the same theater that hosts performances by Shakespeare in the Park [also created by the Public Theater]. What the Public Theater has done with both of these organizations is give accessibility to everyone in NYC to experience free theater. What I love the most about The Public Works, though, is the fact that it’s more community based. There were 5 different communities involved in this production of The Odyssey; the best part about these communities is that most of the participants are people of color. Watching over a hundred people, of all ages & color, perform on this stage which has held so many big names in the industry, is an experience on its own. I am extremely excited to see where The Public Works will go next; It’s definitely a game changer for the theater industry.


I do enjoy dressing up a bit whenever I’m going out to see a performance. I like to wear relatively casual outfits with heeled booties: heeled booties are a must have to help bring any casual outfit up a notch.

I’m super excited about dressing up this fall, mainly because of this flannel. I am obsessed with how soft it is, the color & the fact that I can totally get away with rockin’ it as a dress. I got this flannel for roughly 3 bucks a local thrift store & I couldn’t be happier with the purchase. I did rock shorts underneath, though, because I am a momma – I’ve got to be prepared for anything.

DIY Studs x Thrifted Flannel.


For shoes, I went with my black, lace-up booties from Amazon. I always gravitate towards these booties during the fall season. I love how they roughen up any look, and the best part about them is that they are the easiest pair of shoes to walk in.


For my purse, I went with my red, gypsy inspired bag from Urban Outfitters. I thought it’d be a nice pop of color to add to my outfit.



Both my bracelet & necklace are from my Etsy shop: DeadGypsie*


Flannel: Thrifted DIY Studs

Shorts: American Eagle

Bag: Urban Outfitters

Booties: Amazon

Jewelry: DeadGypsie

‘Till Thursday.

GC xo

*All of the pieces I have left are on CLEARANCE. Add an additional 15% off with the code: gypsy13

10 thoughts on “The Theater Lover & Her Flannel Affair || Transitioning Fall ’15”

    1. It could be! I’m lucky to live in the city, there are always so many events ralated to the arts that are free to attend. I would to read about events or places you attend in Germany! I’m sure there a few places that are exceptionally beautiful!


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