First Week of School Outfits: Lookbook Fall ’15 | College Edition

Happy Friday:

Two posts in two days? What?!

I’m a bit backed up on posts; I prefer every other day, but, I’m still getting adjusted to my college schedule. Give me another week or two, and I’ll be back to a proper schedule. Ya know, life happens sometimes, and the only real thing you can do about it, is just go with the flow.

Last week was my first, official, full week of classes; and I’m on campus from Monday – Thursday. I wanted to share with y’all the outfits I wore my first week back.

I do apologize for my outfits being relatively basic & casual. If you read my last post, you would know that I was asked to participate in two events as a vendor. Prepping for those events, plus starting school, being a mom & trying to keep up with my love & social life pretty much made me a zombie the entire week. All I wanted to do was dress in comfortable clothes, and be chill.

Stay ‘till the end of the video – I mention briefly what my next two videos are going to be about. I’m super stoked for the next few weeks.

Which outfit did you like best?

‘Till next week.

GC xo

2 thoughts on “First Week of School Outfits: Lookbook Fall ’15 | College Edition”

    1. It definitely is, I’m still trying to adjust to this new life schedule! 😧 Thank you so much for reading & commenting. I always tell my boyfriend how amazing you are for this! Im also very happy that you’re excited about that video! 😊 I hope you’re having the best day!


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