NYFW Recap: FIT Showcase & Badiel’s Charity Show for Rising Stars | Fall 2015

Collection by designer Anthony Eastwick.

Happy Monday:

I can’t believe New York Fashion Week is officially over. This was the first year where I actually got the opportunity to attend a fashion show – two fashion shows, as a matter-of-fact. Both shows were a bit surreal; my love & passion for fashion was on maximum and I swear, I was in Utopia. I want to give a huge thank you to one of my good friends, and fellow fashion blogger, Melrose, for inviting me to one of the events. She introduced me to a world that I cannot wait to experience again next year!

Georgie Badiel’s Charity Fashion Show for Rising Stars:

This was Badiel’s 5th annual charity fashion show, and it’s inspired by the conditions of her home town in Burkina Faso, West Africa. The proceeds for this event goes straight into her foundation, which helps provide fresh, clean water to those who don’t have access to it back in Africa. Her cause is amazing – I love & respect Ms. Badiel for bringing change into the world through representing & showcasing up-and-coming designers. She radiated love while speaking, and I wish her many, many more successful shows in the years to come.

Georgie Badiel speaking about her foundation.

There were 4 collections showcased: a couture collection by NYC based designer Kevin Shahroozi, dresses by Michelle Blanchard design, chic handbags by AB&B, and finally, elegant dresses designed by Anthony Eastwick.

Kevin Shahroozi, who I had the honor of meeting, is a born & raised New Yorker. His collection was very clean-cut, fresh, and definitely had European accents with his play on structure. He mostly designed pieces for men, but there were a few structured pieces for the ladies, which was a nice, added surprise. I’m very excited to see where Mr. Shahroozi heads next – his classic, yet super-structured vibe is impeccable.



The AB&B handbag collection was super funky – I would have never thought that rocking a vintage record, as a handbag, could be so chic. The handbags are completely innovative, and can be worn in a variety of ways. I can imagine myself rocking this bag with a whimsical, bold look. Or if I’m feeling a bit casual, I could rock a basic look, making this bag the statement piece.


The dresses designed by Michelle Blanchard were beautifully put together.  The collection varied from everyday looks, office attire, and nightlife fashion. This collection had a great mix of classic fits mingled with lively prints & colors.




There was a brief intermission, where artist Peace Simon came on stage and did a live art show…upside-down. Everyone was a bit confused at first, but once the painting was done, and the canvas was turned over, we saw a clear painting of the one and only Bob Marley. Very impresssive, Mr. Simon.



Though the show had a beautiful mix of fashion pieces & artists, the last collection was by far my favorite: Anthony Eastwick. His collection had a variety of vibes – it ranged from modern elegance to hints of renaissance and romance, and as a theater major, I seriously appreciated the elements he added into this collection. The collection flowed beautifully, with no dress going unnoticed.

One of the models killed one of his gowns: the beautiful Jayka. She’s 6’1, french, and has the aura of a queen.




I am so glad I got the opportunity to experience this show – thank you again, Melrose, for inviting me. It was definitely a night to remember.


Fashion Institute of Technology: Proffesor’s Runway Escape Fashion Show

This fashion show was held at the Empire Hotel, 63rd St and 7th Ave, on its rooftop. There was a spectacular view of the city, which added a true NYFW vibe to this event. The Fashion Institute of Technology showcased 3 collections, all inspired by the psychology program they offer at the school.

This was an interesting take on fashion design, and one I was totally excited to take a peek at. Here are a few pieces I really loved:
I actually found the FIT event through Eventbrite, which is both a website and an app that I totally recommend you all checking out. They have a variety of events, both free and payed, that are great for individuals who want to network with other creators in any field. I have attended a variety of events through this app: parties, fashion shows, even workshops about marketing & personal branding. This app has completely changed my life.
The world offers opportunities for everyone to go out and experience a new part of their city – you just have to be willing to put yourself out there. 

The experiences of attending these fashion shows is definitely something I can see myself doing for seasons to come. I love how both of these shows were cheap and free to attend, making it accessible to everyone who enjoys fashion.

With that, see you next year NYFW.

Thank you so much for reading.

‘Till Wednesday:

GC xo

3 thoughts on “NYFW Recap: FIT Showcase & Badiel’s Charity Show for Rising Stars | Fall 2015”

  1. I’m in love with how beautiful the photos were taken.I also will like to point out if I never attended the shows, your words was so vividly poetic you made me feel for a second I was there thank you for invited me to the second one.I will give you the proper shout out.Thanks again for all the hard work and dedication your diamond girl 😛

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    1. Vividly poetic? Melrose, you made my day with this comment. & no need to thank me, thank you for coming! I was so happy you ended up coming. Thank you for being such an amazing teacher/supporter/friend. Im seriously lucky that you’re in my life, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Sending you all of my love babe. 💕

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