Moto Jacket Lookbook Fall ’15 | Video

Happy Friday:

For the next few Friday’s, expect lots of lookbooks on my YouTube channel.      

The best thing about fall, in my opinion, is definitely the fashion – I’m a total sucker for outerwear. I simply love how the added layer creates a playful element to any look. Another layer of clothes is another layer of fun. It’s why I’ve decided that this year, I will be doing a series of lookbooks for this fall season, starting with this staple: the moto jacket.

I’ve been obsessed with moto jackets for the past few years now, and have been accumulating them – here and there -whenever I find one at a really good price.

TIP: Buying these jackets during the summer season is the best time – you’ll get them at a super discounted price.

My list of moto jackets shown [in order as they appear]:

  • Cropped & Denim: Urban Outfitters – $20
  • Long & Tailored: Forever 21 – $20
  • Oversized & Faux-Fur: Unif – $40
  • Vegan Leather: American Eagle Outfitters – $40

I hope you guys enjoy this video; which outfit would you wear?

‘Till next week,

GC xo

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