Raiding my Boyfriend’s Closet: Day & Night Look | Video

Happy Tuesday:

I’ve been seeing Raiding my Boyfriend’s Closet type videos all over YouTube lately, and I am totally into it.

I wear my boyfriend’s clothes all of the time, so when I saw that this was an actual thing, I needed to get in on the action. I might do a full lookbook soon, styling some of my boyfriend’s pieces, but as a test video, I decided to stick with just two outfits – a day and a night look.

I styled my boyfriends Jumper for my day look because it’s something a lot of girls steal from their boyfriend’s closet. It’s oversized, comfortable, and there’s no better feeling than smelling like your boyfriend is with you all day.

For my night look, I went with his hockey Jersey – I love how it’s also a bit oversized, so I can definitely pull it off as a dress. I added shorts underneath, though, just to keep the look modest.

Here’s my video on how I styled a day and night look stealing pieces from my boyfriend’s closet:

Which outfit would you wear?

‘Till Friday.

GC xo

13 thoughts on “Raiding my Boyfriend’s Closet: Day & Night Look | Video”

    1. Isn’t it? I’m actually wearing it right now! & it smells like my boyfriend, so I’m extra cozy in it. ❤ Thank you for all of the love! Sending you my love & wishing you a happy & successful Thursday! ❤


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