Brooklyn Brunch.


Happy Wednesday:

I hope y’all are having an amazing week; my week’s been pretty hectic since I’m currently dealing with midterms. I thought it was only appropriate to take some time off and enjoy a brunch date with my best friend, Oscar*. It’s been a while since we’ve ventured off and just chilled – it was definitely needed on both our ends.

We started our date in Williamsburg eating at one of my favorite diner’s, Kellogg’s, off of the L-train on Lorimer, and ended up in Dumbo. Dumbo is one of my absolute favorite spots to spend my down time. Oscar & I have been coming here for years – it’s where we first started modeling & shooting photos, back in High School.

Abandoned roses by Dumbo.
Gif courtesy: Oscar Rivera.


DeadGypsie ‘Mermaid Warrior’ Necklace.
Funky, Orange Bench. Dumbo.
Dumbo, Brooklyn. NYC.

I don’t go out often, so when I do, I always find myself trying to put a bit of effort into my look. I decided to pair my basic high-rise jeggings with my favorite basic white tee. It’s often said that investing in quality basics is a must, and I couldn’t agree more. The amount of times I have worn both of these pieces in the past few months alone, is ridiculous. I’m honestly very impressed that both of these items are still going strong! When you invest in quality basics, you can mix & match them with SO many looks, no matter what your vibe is. It’s simply amazing.

Bohemian Vibes.
Just Fab nude booties.

I was feeling a bit bohemian, as usual, so I decided to throw on this ankle-length cardigan. For accessories, I paired my outfit with my suede, fringed cross body bag and this faux-fur hat. I completed the look with these nude boots because I thought the neutral color matched well with my overall boho vibe. I’m obsessed with how ‘rough’ the soles of these shoes are; they toughen up any look, while being super easy to strut in.

Dumbo, Brooklyn. NYC.
Dumbo, Brooklyn. NYC.
Faux-Fur Hat.

Hat: Forever 21

Necklace: DeadGypsie

Cardigan: Urban Outfitters

Tee: Brandy Melville

Belt: Urban Outfitters

Jeans: American Eagle

Booties: Just Fab

‘Till Friday,

GC xo

*Photo Credit: Oscar Rivera.

12 thoughts on “Brooklyn Brunch.”

  1. I love long cardigans like that with skirts and little ankle booties so perfect for fall. Loved your post as usual. The photos were amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I just might. It’s just so hard to find someone who is able to take good OOTD photos for me. I’m going to put an ad on craigslist lmao. I am having an amazing productive day and I hope that you are as well. Good luck with your upcoming midterms.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I totally understand. It can be a challange finding someone, and just making time to meet and make quality photos! Its a lot of work. I hope you eventually find someone, i love your style! Thanks a ton babe. 💕 Sending ya my love!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Kellogg’s I’d one of my favorite to go spot in Brooklyn especially after a night out I always wanted a hat like that but it always looked funny when I tried it on and omg those shoes 😍😍😍😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love that place! The drinks are bomb, i had a pina colada once and it got me feeling nice. Lol. I felt that way for a long time, too, until i decided to go for it. I love it! It makes me feel so bold. Shoe gals we are. Its why were soul sisters. 💕 love you babe!

      Liked by 1 person

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