Denim Jacket Lookbook: Fall ’15 | Video

Happy Friday:

Denim is a fashion essential. That’s a known fact.

No matter what your style is, there is at least one piece of denim in your closet. It could be bottoms, tops, outerwear, or if you’re really funky, maybe even a handbag or purse. It’s a classic fabric.

I live in skinny jeans, but I cannot deny the love I have for denim jackets. There are unlimited possibilities on how you can style a denim jacket. Since I am a city gal, the urban vibes denim jackets tend to ooze off perfectly suits me. It’s one of my go to pieces, and have been for the past few years now.

I filmed a denim jacket lookbook back in April, which you can watch here, and had so much fun filming, editing & styling it. Since denim jackets are super versatile, i decided to do it again this fall season.

In this lookbook, I styled 3 different types of denim jackets: my fitted jacket, my oversized jacket, and the latest piece added into my collection, my DIY distressed, denim jacket.

Which look would you rock?

I’d love to know how you typically style your denim jacket. Comment down below & tell me!

Here is my Denim Jacket Lookbook for Fall ’15:

Thank you so much for stopping by.

‘Till next week,

GC xo

9 thoughts on “Denim Jacket Lookbook: Fall ’15 | Video”

  1. Outfit number two was my favorite.Everything about it was so perfect. You pull off each look so well. I loved the video. You come out so comfortable on camera. I tried filming a Youtube video a while ago and came out so awkward. xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you liked outfit two. It’s defiantly my fave. & thank you for that compliment! I’ve been making videos for about a year now, I was totally awkward at first, too. But you get use to it as time passes. I also study theater at school, so having ‘presence’ is something I’m always working on. I know you’d be great at youtube, i’d love to see you post something soon! ❤


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