Ipsy Unboxing & Colour Pop Haul Nov. ’15 | Video

Happy Monday:

I know I’ve been gone for over a week now, and I sincerely apologize!

School has been my biggest priority as of late, and though I did find myself a bit stressed about not posting anything up, I honestly enjoyed the break away from my internet life. I’m currently working wardrobe for the production”The Triangle Factory Fire Project” at my school.  It’s based on the factory fire that took place in New York City in 1911, killing hundreds of factory workers. This was the start of workers coming together and creating unions to ensure that people were working in safe conditions – it’s such an amazing play. Incase guys don’t know, Theater is my field of study. 

Working wardrobe has been such an amazing experience. I’ve always told myself that I had to perform in at least one play before I graduate and watching the actors tell this tale on stage completely solidified that. I’m more than willing to take a break from blogging/vlogging to be on the stage! It’s a feeling I dearly miss. I’ve met so many amazing, creative, positive people and being apart of such an ensemble reminded me why it’s important to physically socialize with people, though I can be an awkward cookie sometimes. Turning off the phone and stepping away from the laptop is needed to live a happy life.

I filmed this video almost two weeks ago, before my life was dedicated to school. I don’t really film beauty/make-up related videos, but I really wanted to share with y’all my latest pick-ups. Am I the only one obsessed with Colour Pop at the moment?

I also combined this haul with this months Ipsy bag, because I thought it’d be fun to combine the two.

Nonetheless, here is my Ipsy Unboxing/Colour Pop Haul:


Have you ordered anything from Colour Pop? What’s your go to lip color? Have you tried the shadows? Let me know!

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GC xo

Vintage Vibes. | OOTD

The homie: Plasma Slug.

Happy Wednesday:

& Happy 11/11. I’m way too excited about today’s date.

On Sunday, Oscar* and I decided to take a stroll around our neighborhood to simply vent and release our daily life stresses. There’s no better cure for life’s daily struggles than hanging with your bestie while letting the creative juices flow. I feel at peace whenever I’m with Oscar, he always reminds me of my worth. He’s a serious blessing in my life. When you find someone who lives on the same wave length as you, keep them by your side, forever.

My outfit was inspired by a specific video that’s been floating around YouTube for ages: the $20 dollar thrift/outfit challenge. Basically, the challenge is to create a full ensemble with only thrifted pieces, and since I recently went thrifting, I thought I’d do the challenge in blog form. I’m totally in love with how the outfit turned out – it screamed Fall to me.

Side note: I did cheat a bit – both my tights and belt are NOT thrifted. I apologize for that and hope it doesn’t take points away from my look.

Salvation Army Jumper.
Brooklyn Baby.
Fallin’ for Fall.

I picked up this jumper a few years back at the Salvation Army. I love how cozy and oversized it is; if I wanted too, I could get away with rocking it as a dress. Instead, to add some texture, I ended up pairing it with this corduroy skirt I recently picked up. The colors matched perfectly, and I thought the mix of fabrics gave me a funky, vintage vibe.

H&M Thrifted Skirt.


The shoes were also thrifted at a Salvation Army a few years back, but I’ll be honest, I don’t wear them often. I’m obsessed with their chunky heels and ragged soles, though, which is why I keep these babies around. They are super kick ass, but in a chill, subtle way.

Details 1.
Details 2.
Details 3.

For accessories, I threw on this scarf my mama actually thrifted for me roughly two years ago. I love the colors, and thought it’d fit perfect with my outfit. My bag was also thrifted by my mama – I love it because it has a ‘grandma’ feel which satisfies me so much. It’s pretty much a huge coin purse. It’s perfect.

Overall, I’m super happy with my outfit. The verdict:
Jumper: $5
Skirt: $2
Scarf: $1
Purse: $0.25
Shoes: $8

Total: 16.25$

Though I did cheat a tad bit, overall, I feel like I succeeded in the challenge.

What’s your verdict? Ya diggin’ my outfit?

‘Till next time.
GC xo

*Oscar is my best friend and personal photographer. Check out his work here.


Vintage Vibes Clip:

Fashion Essentials: Fall 2015 | Video

Happy Monday:

I cannot believe that the first week of November has already flown by. I’m always amazed by how quickly time seems to move when you’re constantly focused on your daily life ventures. Soon as you know it, the holidays are going to arrive and we’ll be welcoming in the New Year. Insane. 

Fashion essential videos have been floating around everywhere on YouTube, with gals and guys sharing their must-have fashion pieces for this fall season. One of my YouTube homies, Brandon, filmed this video a few weeks back and totally inspired me to share my Fall Fashion Essentials.

I decided to film it a little bit different, though.

I’ve been really into filming, and have been trying to play around with the overall theme and mood when it comes to the shots I try to capture. Cinematic vibes mixed in with fashion, lifestyle, etc. has also been inspiring me lately. This video isn’t fully cinematic, but it’s definitely my foot into that world. I’m totally excited to fully play around with my shots for future videos – it’s been so fun! Folks usually film fashion essential videos as a ‘sit down & chat’ type thing, but I really wanted to play around with the imagery & overall vibes! So it’s part lookbook, part fashion essentials and part home movie. 

This fall season, my go-to fashion pieces have been [listed as shown]:

  • Denim Jacket, preferably oversized.
  • Knits.
  • Black Skinnies.
  • Casual Sneakers.
  • Beanies.
  • Boyfriend Jeans.
  • Black, Ankle Booties.
  • Flannels.
  • Moto Jacket.

Here is my video: Fashion Essentials | Fall ’15:

What are some of your Fall Fashion Essentials?

Thank you so much for stopping by;

‘Till Wednesday,

GC xo

Beautiful Blogger Award.

Thank you so much, Ashley, for nominating me for the Beautiful Blogger Award; it’s my first nomination and I couldn’t be more excited! I really do love how caring and loving the blogging community can be – I have met so many amazingly beautiful gals through blogging. I’m so happy I decided to commit!

Ashley’s blog ranges from beauty to fashion to all things lifestyle, and she is the cutest thing ever. She is also a mama, like me, which gives her extra cool points in my book! Her blog is definitely one of my favorites, check her out here: Vivacious Lifestylin’.

The rules are really simple: The first thing you do is thank the person who nominated you. Second, you have to write 7 facts about yourself. They can be whatever your heart wants them to be, so have fun! Finally, you just have to nominate 5-10 beautiful bloggers that you love reading, and keep the tradition goin’!

Here are my 7 Facts: 

  •  I am a proud mama to a 15 month old baby girl. She’s Puerto Rican, Black, and Mexican & there is no doubt that she is best friend. My bestest best friend.
Independence Day. 2015.
  •   My boyfriend and I started dating because I asked him to be my prom date our senior year of High School. We’re going to make 5 years on the 26th of this month and I couldn’t be happier.
#tbt to 2012.
  • I have always been fashion obsessed. When I was a little girl, I would always be fascinated with my mama’s shoe collection. I remember these one pair of boots she had that had this beautiful, intricate design sewed on to it – I swear that was the moment my love for shoes came to be what it is today. As I got older and started reading magazines, I started ripping them up and taping my favorite outfits, editorials, and models onto my wall. I managed to get an entire wall covered – I was very proud of that wall.
Forever a shoe gal.
  • I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. But I would love to live in California, Colorado, Florida and some parts of Europe, at some point in my life.
  • I don’t like to admit it, but I’m a huge procrastinator! I try to keep my life organized through planners and making lists on my IPad.  It does help.
  • I’ve dealt with depression for a huge chunk of my life. A few years back, I made it a goal to take care of myself to ensure that I will be happy everyday, no matter what my circumstances are. I can honestly count the amount if times, on one hand, of all the bad days I’ve had so far this year.
Sunshine on Earth.
  • I have androgenic alopecia which is a genetic disease that causes hair loss. I started noticing it my senior year of high school, and it has only gotten worse since then. It got progressively worse after having my daughter. It’s my biggest insecurity but I am excited to announce that I will be shaving bald at the end of the year. The thought of being bald makes me extremely happy and I am blessed to have a partner who fully supports my decision. I am grateful for this flaw, though, because I have learned to appreciate the different forms of beauty. Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and forms, and it is good to accept & appreciate them all.

I am excited to become the change I wish to see in the world. Bald & Beautiful.*

*I will be filming my experience of shaving bald and will also be sharing it both on YouTube and WordPress. I want to document my reactions before, during and after for both myself – it would be great to watch this experience a few years from now – but also for other women in the world who deal with alopecia. It’s something that not many people know about, and I want to share it.


My Nominees:






Thank you so much for reading!

Happy Weekend. ❤

GC xo

Try-On Thrift Haul. Fall ’15. | Video

Happy Wednesday:

I hope y’all are having a good week! My week’s been good, I’m feelin’ unconditionally blessed.

I haven’t gone shopping for myself in such a long time – there are just way too many priorities I have in my life to even think about going shopping for myself. But I managed to find an opportunity to do a bit of retail therapy while on the hunt for my Halloween costume. My boyfriend, daughter and I decided to dress up as a family this year, going all out as Scooby Doo & the gang. I was Velma, my boyfriend was Shaggy, and my daughter was Scooby. I’m totally in love with how our costumes turned out!

Halloween 2k15

Thrift haul videos are one of my favorite types of videos to watch on YouTube, so I was super excited to bust out the camera, sit on my chair & chat about my new pieces. I do apologize if this video seems a  bit rushed – the only time I had to film was right before school! I was stuck re-filming this video due to technical issues.

Nonetheless, I’m super excited about everything I picked up. Expect to see these pieces in upcoming posts and lookbooks.

Here is my Try On Thrift Haul:

Thank you so much for stopping by.

Sending my love,

GC xo