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The homie: Plasma Slug.

Happy Wednesday:

& Happy 11/11. I’m way too excited about today’s date.

On Sunday, Oscar* and I decided to take a stroll around our neighborhood to simply vent and release our daily life stresses. There’s no better cure for life’s daily struggles than hanging with your bestie while letting the creative juices flow. I feel at peace whenever I’m with Oscar, he always reminds me of my worth. He’s a serious blessing in my life. When you find someone who lives on the same wave length as you, keep them by your side, forever.

My outfit was inspired by a specific video that’s been floating around YouTube for ages: the $20 dollar thrift/outfit challenge. Basically, the challenge is to create a full ensemble with only thrifted pieces, and since I recently went thrifting, I thought I’d do the challenge in blog form. I’m totally in love with how the outfit turned out – it screamed Fall to me.

Side note: I did cheat a bit – both my tights and belt are NOT thrifted. I apologize for that and hope it doesn’t take points away from my look.

Salvation Army Jumper.
Brooklyn Baby.
Fallin’ for Fall.

I picked up this jumper a few years back at the Salvation Army. I love how cozy and oversized it is; if I wanted too, I could get away with rocking it as a dress. Instead, to add some texture, I ended up pairing it with this corduroy skirt I recently picked up. The colors matched perfectly, and I thought the mix of fabrics gave me a funky, vintage vibe.

H&M Thrifted Skirt.


The shoes were also thrifted at a Salvation Army a few years back, but I’ll be honest, I don’t wear them often. I’m obsessed with their chunky heels and ragged soles, though, which is why I keep these babies around. They are super kick ass, but in a chill, subtle way.

Details 1.
Details 2.
Details 3.

For accessories, I threw on this scarf my mama actually thrifted for me roughly two years ago. I love the colors, and thought it’d fit perfect with my outfit. My bag was also thrifted by my mama – I love it because it has a ‘grandma’ feel which satisfies me so much. It’s pretty much a huge coin purse. It’s perfect.

Overall, I’m super happy with my outfit. The verdict:
Jumper: $5
Skirt: $2
Scarf: $1
Purse: $0.25
Shoes: $8

Total: 16.25$

Though I did cheat a tad bit, overall, I feel like I succeeded in the challenge.

What’s your verdict? Ya diggin’ my outfit?

‘Till next time.
GC xo

*Oscar is my best friend and personal photographer. Check out his work here.


Vintage Vibes Clip:

7 thoughts on “Vintage Vibes. | OOTD”

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by, it means the world to me! You really didn’t have too! I’m glad you see the vintage/boho vibe. ❤ I'd LOVE to see you do this challenge. Girl, you make your own clothes, you are so cool! I hope you have the best Friday! Sending my love. xo.


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