Urban Room Tour NYC | Video

Happy Friday:

When YouTube first became a thing, I remember watching room tour videos non-stop, completely obsessed with how people decorated their rooms to represent and inspire their everyday lives. I always dreamed of having my own room – designed the way I wanted – but I had always shared my room with someone, which was no fun.

When I moved in with my boyfriend, though it was tough adjusting, we found that both of our aesthetics complimented each other really well. Designing our room has been a collaborative thing, and I couldn’t be more happier with the way it looks. The vibes are  just right.

Darien – who is my boyfriend – was sweet enough to rearrange the room the week I did running crew at my school.  The timing was perfect, especially since we are approaching the new year. There are lots of changes happening in my life at the moment & I can’t help but be thankful for this growth I am experiencing.

Though change can be scary, change is necessary for growth, and brings you a step closer to where it is you want to be in life. Never reject change, you never know what magic can happen as a result of being strong enough to endure that change. I can talk about the beauty of change forever, I swear. Let’s get back to the point of this post, though:

I hope you guys enjoy room tours as much as me.

Welcome from Brooklyn, New York:

What do you think of my room?

Thank you so much for watching! If you’re in school, I hope you are surviving finals – we’re almost there!

‘Till next time,

GC xo

4 thoughts on “Urban Room Tour NYC | Video”

  1. I agree with the shoe box.I’m still apartment shopping and my future roommate and I might most likely are pushing for Brooklyn (we found some in the budget) will keep you posted.The wall blue and purple is such a unique mix of colors and, in fact, represented the room perfect.I’d admire all your personal touches including photos etc.I’m obsessed with the stop table and overall I’m drooling he did a great job.Hope you ace everything in school and I dodn’ even know vans made fringe booties or sneakers? either way is cute.

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    1. I hope you come out to Brooklyn, that’d be amazing. You fit with Brooklyn. Both you and your future roomie! ❤ Thanks a ton for this comment babe. I always look forward to what you have to say. Glad the table is Melody approved. 🙂 Love you tons babe! I hope you're having an amazing Monday!

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  2. LOL and here i was, asking you if you had a room tour somewhere, LOVE that kind of videos! Your room looks beautiful, creative, wild but still everything fits together! When I moved in my new appartment I thought I would move out of a shoebox, in a two room flat but now i have an entire room too much (which is the size of my tent so guess what has been set up in there :-P)

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    1. I just saw! This is great. 🙂 I’m glad you liked this video. I’ve always wanted to film a room tour since they became popular on youtube, but never felt like my room was ready until now! Thank you for appreciating my crowded room! LOL you have a tent set up in there forreal? That’s amazing! 😀 I can’t wait to have a bigger home, the homes in NYC are way to small for a growing family. Hope you had an amazing Tuesday, love! ❤

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