Raiding My Boyfriend’s Closet | Lookbook

Happy Wednesday:

When I uploaded my last Raiding My Boyfriend’s Closet video, I got a comment from my home girl Noralee saying that she would love to see both Darien & I style the same pieces, using  split screen editing to get a side-by-side comparison of our outfits. I loved this idea so much that I immediately told Darien & asked him if he was down to film it – and of course he said yes! Men’s fashion is a huge inspiration to me, so whenever I can feature him both on my blog & YouTube channel, it always excites me! Would you like to see an outfit blogpost featuring Darien? I’d love to know so I can convince him!

We styled Darien’s:

  • very worn varsity jacket
  • his comfortable camouflage sweatpants
  • his classic flannel
  • & his long sleeve Stussy Tee. 

Check out how my boyfriend and I styled pieces from his closet:

Which outfit[s] did you like best?

What are some of your favorite pieces to steal from your boyfriend’s closet? Brother’s? Dad’s?

Thank you so much for watching, I hope you are having an amazing week!

‘Till Friday,

GC xo

5 thoughts on “Raiding My Boyfriend’s Closet | Lookbook”

  1. I would have to say it would have to be his t-shirts! im a sucker for them. He is like a billion feet taller then me so his t-shirts always fit like a dress. you can never have to many loose fitting dresses lol

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    1. T-shirts as dresses is literally my current obsession! Even though my bf is taller than me, he is pretty skinny so his shirts aren’t super long on me. :/ & I have hips & a bit of a booty so his shirts usually land above them lol. I’m so jelly! I have to thirft my own boy shirts in large & x-large. Thank you so much for commenting & sharing. You should totally do a post on styling your bf’s tee. I’d love to see that! 🙂 Have an amazing Tuesday beautiful!


    1. LOL, you will find someone , that I’m sure of. Anyone one would be lucky to have you by their side! ❤

      Thank you! You're amazingly sweet! Whenever I read your comments, I swear, my days are so much brighter! 🙂 I love those pants, SO COMFY!


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