Open Journal | Tranquility : BK Blizzard

Happy Friday:

This week’s video is definitely something I recently started on my channel – I love watching Open Journals, so I’ve been experimenting with this style of video a few different ways.

The first one I did, Open Journal | Love, was more poem based, with footage of different moments I experienced last summer. This open journal, which is my second, is definitely more visual based.

 After blizzard Jonas hit NYC mid-January, Darien and I decided to explore Brooklyn & I was completely mesmerized by the calm state the city was in. I brought my camera incase we saw anything wicked – and I am so glad I did!

Here is my Open Journal | Tranquility:

Do you enjoy watching personal videos from me?

Thank you so much for stopping by;

 ‘Till next week,

GC xo

6 thoughts on “Open Journal | Tranquility : BK Blizzard”

  1. It made me fee like I was not watching NY I felt like I was in Baltimore or in a different area that was secluded.Damn it made me stop complaining about the cold and admire how beautiful NY is in the winter.When I do get a camera I need a video class from you 🙂

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    1. I love you. ❤ I would love to hang around & take shots, girl, we're going to have so much fun filming together. Thank you for this lovely comment, I really mean it. It's bit different, but I want to do more videos like this. Love you babe. ❤

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    1. It’s all good, it always makes me happy to see you on my blog. I’m about to head to yours to read your latest – I also bought Tims and I swear the feeling they give when you wear them is amazing! I hope you’re doing amazing. M.Dee. ❤ Sending you all of my love!


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