GRWM: Everyday Neutral Smokey Eye | Video

Happy Monday:

Today’s post is definitely different from my usual content – it’s extremely rare for me to produce beauty related videos/posts. I don’t see the point in me putting energy into the beauty department when there are SO MANY beauty bloggers and vloggers who are professionals and know every inch of that world. Me? I still can’t even do my eyeliner without a ridiculous amount of focus. That’ll be evident in this video.

I do, however, enjoy sharing my beauty related routines. I am definitely the type of makeup gal that prefers more neutral, simple make-up looks. In this video, I share with you an everyday makeup look that is a little more glam than my everyday-everyday makeup look:



Do you enjoy these types of videos? You dig the voice over? Please let me know down below – I started playing around with full-coverage make-up lately and would love to share my current routine!

Thank you so much for stopping by,

‘Till next time.

GC xo

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