Outfit Diaries | Winter ’16

Happy Hump Day:

These Outfit Diaries have definitely become my new favorite ‘fashion series‘ on my channel. Compared to my regular ol’ lookbooks,  which are a lot more planned & styled according to it’s theme, these looks are actual outfits I have worn out & about within the past few months. As much as I love dressing up a little bit crazy for my videos, it’s nice to be able to present outfits that are a lot more comfortable.

Regular lookbooks are perfectly sassy, with over-the-top looks while outfit diaries present accuracy & real looks I’d wear on an everyday life basis.

Check out some of my favorite outfits I wore this winter season:


Thank you for watching! Which look did you like the best?


‘Till Friday,

GC xo


4 thoughts on “Outfit Diaries | Winter ’16”

  1. Still need to link up with you so I can get those amazing earrings and omg that reverse edit is freaking awesome your editing skills just keep improving.My fav is the outfit with the blue paisley scarf and the burgundy skirt.I see myself wearing outfits like this alot for work.Miss you cutie hope all is well. http://sheismelrose.net/

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YES! I might actually hold off on that offer – I’m currently in the process of working on a new collection that I plan on giving to a few influencers. I’m going to professionally e-mail you ma’am. I gotta practice my pitch. 🙂 ❤ That was definitely one of my fave outfits, too! I miss you, too! We need to plan a collab soon! I miss you & want to be creative with you!


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