Collective Spring Haul ’16 | Video

Happy Friday:

I’ve done some damage to my wallet lately, and when I say damage, I mean damage. So much so, I needed to film this haul in two parts!

If it hasn’t been obvious, I am beyond ready for Spring – I’ve been shopping for Spring attire since January! There’s this feeling that Spring weather evokes that simply lifts up my hippie soul.

It’s my season.

Check out the make-up, accessories & clothing pieces I’ve accumulated in the past few months – there’s a nice variety of things!

Watch both parts here:

Part 1:


Part 2:

Thank you for stopping by! What are your closet essentials for this Spring season?

‘Till next week,
GC xo

3 thoughts on “Collective Spring Haul ’16 | Video”

  1. LOL ok, as for the rings (coming from some kind of jewelry addict i guess) i can’t help here, for me some simply will fall off, some will always turn around but then there are those amazing little rings that will be happy on your fingers and actually stay in place ❤ and this indeed was a massive haul :-O

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  2. I only saw part 1 for now and I will comment when I see the second part again.So hey cutie i suck at shopping at drug stores because most of the products breaks my skin out so, unfortunately, i do invest at times for makeup yet I don’t mind the stiletto mascara my fav one that I still use to this day is Revlon butterfly intenza it gets the job done.2 stickes really stuck i get the “invisible bra” which are the silicone ones I recently wore bra free which was only 7 bucks compare to the 50 bucks one I has from Vicky secret.3.I love the grey dress I have something similar in the same fabric except is a v-neck and long sleeves maybe we can do a twin shoot one day lol.4 Ugh man i’ve been really wanting constructs just didn’t want to invest in it with the warmer weather coming out.Last but not least love you cutie can’t wait to watch the second part. Wait I forgot body suits are everything I get mines at necessary clothing lately they had a lot on sale not sure if they still do anymore the one next to gstar in soho not the one across the street.


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