Palm Trees.


Happy Friday:

A few weeks back, Darien – who is my boyfriend – surprised me with a hotel suite right outside of our neighborhood. It was exactly what we needed; me being the busy gal that I am, it’s a bit hard for us to find time to really be together.

We live together, of course, so we are physically always together, but nowadays I find it hard for us to have that much needed intimate time together. It’s why I feel so blessed he managed to squeeze in this little getaway. It was lovely.

I am currently typing up this post at my local laundry mat, waiting for my 3 loads to wash & I can’t help but wish to be back at the hotel, stress-free.

I’ve also been sick the past few weeks, due to stress. Lack of sleep can really hit hard.

The stress is real.

Back to better times: I asked Darien to take photos of me wearing this outfit – I cannot wait for the warmer weather to rock this dress!















What do you think of my outfit? Are you surviving the stress?

‘Till next time,
GC xo

9 thoughts on “Palm Trees.”

    1. ❤ Thank you so much, Melody. I am so ready for another break. So happy I'm finally going to be on Spring break next week, I need the break. I hope you're having an amazing Weekend babe. Sending you all of my love!


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