Benefits of Being a Bald Woman | Video

Happy New Year!

And happy Tuesday:

I hope you had a great weekend bringing in the New Year. I am super stoked to see what this year has in store for me – I already have great feelings about what’s to come!

Thinking back to this time last year, I was still working on getting comfortable being a bald woman. I had shaved December 28th, 2015, with the purpose of going into 2016 with a much needed drastic change. I was diagnosed with Androgenic Alopecia when I was 18 and wanted to shave bald since then, but was scared to commit. I got over the fear and am so blessed I decided to go for the plunge!

Here are a few benefits I have gained since shaving bald and living life as a proud baldie:

Have you every thought about shaving bald or have shaved bald before? If so, what were some of the benefits you’ve gained? I would love to hear them!

Thank you so much for watching & stopping by! I’ll catch you guys on my next post.

Forever sending my love!

GC xo

5 thoughts on “Benefits of Being a Bald Woman | Video”

  1. You’re pretty the way you are. Look at Sinead O’ Connor when she was younger (cos yeah she didn’t age that well but she had like life issues).


  2. The minute I met you had this spark this glow that I wish I had in me years ago you are a queen beyond your time and watching you flourish as the goddess you are is an honor so happy you meet like minded women and becoming yet an inspiration to others.

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    1. ❤ you are incredibly incredible. For everything. For your support. Your love. Your honesty. I am seriously blessed to have you in my life & you will always be one of my dearest friends. Mad love, Melody. ❤

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