Parsons x Teen Vogue Fashion Essential’s Online Course Review

Happy Wednesday:

Though I’ve been pretty MIA the last few months of 2016, one thing that I was consistently posting about was my assignments from the online course I took with Parsons & Teen Vogue.

I recently completed the course – and received my certificate – and couldn’t be more happy. I thought it would be great to share both my experiences & thoughts on the course incase you had ideas on taking the course yourself.

You can check out my review below:

Have you heard of the Fashion Essential’s course with Parsons & Teen Vogue? Are you currently enrolled? Recently completed the course? I would love to read your thought!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

‘Till next week,

GC xo

2 thoughts on “Parsons x Teen Vogue Fashion Essential’s Online Course Review”

  1. Hey doll is good to hear you had a great experience from your class. I know it was a lot of work and juggling through jobs on top of your daily life could def be a always I am so proud of you and def already giving your fast fashion post a thumbs up I networked with someone earlier in the year that had a link to environmental friendly clothing and I can try and get that contact for you so you can gather details for that post. I’m also looking forward to your thrift hauls since their my personal favs and we def need to go together I have a few I want to donate and splurge as well lol.

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