Night Light. | #Throwback

Happy Thursday:

I’m not one who normally posts up the throwbacks on Thursday’s. I, personally, don’t enjoy reliving past memories – I’m always about the now and working towards the future goals I have set for myself. Today, however, I’m breaking that non-habit with an Outfit of the Day from my 23rd birthday last May.

My birthday last year was the moment in my blogging career where I really wanted to learn how to create quality content – especially with my photos. Darien, my boyfriend turned photographer, shot these photos in RAW mode and later learned that his version of photoshop couldn’t support them. We recently updated to the latest version of Adobe Cloud and we both couldn’t be more excited. The hard work we’re going to be putting in this year is going to be r e a l.




We ended up going out to a simple dinner date in our neighborhood – nothing too crazy nor fancy. I wanted to go for a ‘casual, but cute’ look. I was super pleased with my day.

My biggest blessing though: having my boyfriend be my best friend, photographer, and biggest fan. I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday companion. Or life partner, really.


Body Suit: American Apparel 

Pants: Old Navy

Necklace: Forever 21

Cardigen: Thrifted | Target

Shoes: Steve Madden

As always, it’s a serious pleasure having you on the blog! Forever thankful for the genuine love and honest support.

‘Till next week,

GC xo

Denim Diary: Vintage Maxi Dress.

Happy Wednesday:

I am a Flea Queen.


I still can’t believe I managed to snag up this Vintage Denim Maxi Dress for only 3 bucks! It was the inspiration behind my month long denim outfits – of course, it was only natural that I save the best ensemble for last.

Embracing the chic Alexa Chung vibes from this dress was a bit scary, I don’t ever really consider myself chic, but when I was walking around flaunting this dress, I felt amazing. I’m always impressed when a piece of clothing ups my mood significantly – it’s a reminder of the true power that fashion carry and the reason why I dedicate so much of my time too styling.

Fashion is love. Fashion is life.



looking upwards

To keep up with the chic, vintage vibes, I decided to add my Old Navy mules – I am a little sadden though because they definitely left a blister on my toe. In their defense, they are a half size too small. Y’all know I’m obsessed with my chocker scarves, so of course I used it as simple pop of color & topped off the look with my pink Fringe cross body.


Outfit Details:

Dress: Flea Market

Shoes: Old Navy

Scarf: Gift | Mom

Bag: Urban Outfitters


What do you think of my outfit? How would you style a Denim Maxi Dress?

Thank you so much for stopping by!

‘Till next time,

GC xo


Life Update:

This denim filled month was supposed to be over last week of June, but things on my end have gotten a bit wonky again! I am about to start job 2 in a few weeks and weirdly, feel this urge to clean up my home life to better fit my new lifestyle. Things have been on a constant roll of change and I am seriously blessed. I just need a few more weeks to get in the hang of things – no worries though! I WILL be coming back stronger than ever.

I’m also in the works of taking my blog to the next step by self hosting. That should be ready and done by the time I come back. Oh & another reason I need a break? I have a vending event at a local Flea on June 22nd. I REALLY need to put more of my time and energy there & in order to do that, I need to take a break from the Blogging & YouTube.

I definitely don’t mind the breather: I need to get my life in order to properly give my platforms lots of love.

Sending all of my love your way! I hope you had a fantastic 4th of July weekend. I’ll catch you soon.

Peace. Love. Harmony.

Vintage Vibes. | OOTD

The homie: Plasma Slug.

Happy Wednesday:

& Happy 11/11. I’m way too excited about today’s date.

On Sunday, Oscar* and I decided to take a stroll around our neighborhood to simply vent and release our daily life stresses. There’s no better cure for life’s daily struggles than hanging with your bestie while letting the creative juices flow. I feel at peace whenever I’m with Oscar, he always reminds me of my worth. He’s a serious blessing in my life. When you find someone who lives on the same wave length as you, keep them by your side, forever.

My outfit was inspired by a specific video that’s been floating around YouTube for ages: the $20 dollar thrift/outfit challenge. Basically, the challenge is to create a full ensemble with only thrifted pieces, and since I recently went thrifting, I thought I’d do the challenge in blog form. I’m totally in love with how the outfit turned out – it screamed Fall to me.

Side note: I did cheat a bit – both my tights and belt are NOT thrifted. I apologize for that and hope it doesn’t take points away from my look.

Salvation Army Jumper.
Brooklyn Baby.
Fallin’ for Fall.

I picked up this jumper a few years back at the Salvation Army. I love how cozy and oversized it is; if I wanted too, I could get away with rocking it as a dress. Instead, to add some texture, I ended up pairing it with this corduroy skirt I recently picked up. The colors matched perfectly, and I thought the mix of fabrics gave me a funky, vintage vibe.

H&M Thrifted Skirt.


The shoes were also thrifted at a Salvation Army a few years back, but I’ll be honest, I don’t wear them often. I’m obsessed with their chunky heels and ragged soles, though, which is why I keep these babies around. They are super kick ass, but in a chill, subtle way.

Details 1.
Details 2.
Details 3.

For accessories, I threw on this scarf my mama actually thrifted for me roughly two years ago. I love the colors, and thought it’d fit perfect with my outfit. My bag was also thrifted by my mama – I love it because it has a ‘grandma’ feel which satisfies me so much. It’s pretty much a huge coin purse. It’s perfect.

Overall, I’m super happy with my outfit. The verdict:
Jumper: $5
Skirt: $2
Scarf: $1
Purse: $0.25
Shoes: $8

Total: 16.25$

Though I did cheat a tad bit, overall, I feel like I succeeded in the challenge.

What’s your verdict? Ya diggin’ my outfit?

‘Till next time.
GC xo

*Oscar is my best friend and personal photographer. Check out his work here.


Vintage Vibes Clip: