The Future is Female.

Happy Tuesday:

It’s been a good minute since I picked up a camera & shot on manual.

Before I started my blog, heck, before I even started my YouTube channel, I first became interested being behind the camera. I even applied to FIT in the hopes of majoring in Fashion Photography. But I’ll be honest, I didn’t really commit to photography the way I should have and wasn’t really surprised when I got my rejection letter, either. Life. It happens.

& I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I’ve been feeling super nostalgic lately – I’ve been itching to get back into old habits.

With that in play & my current, serious obsession with the whole Mom/Daughter-Blogger-Duo-thing, I decided to spend an afternoon shooting with my mini. When we’re out and about, she always asks me to take her photos – this just felt right.

At the end, I asked her if she had fun doing the shoot and she yelled “Yes!” with no hesitation.







Bag: Gift
Hat: Supreme
Jacket: Sean John // Gift
Tee: Stussy
Pants: Thrifted
Sneakers: Vans


What do you think of these photos?

Thank you so much for stopping by! Sending my love. ❤

GC xo

Parsons x Teen Vogue: Production Cost Assignment

Happy Friday –

This post is dedicated to Class 3, Assignment 1 in the online Fashion Essentials course from Parsons x Teen Vogue. The goal of this assignemt is to understand the differences in production costs between both small and large companies.

We were to create an accessory inspired by a mood board we previously created for another assignment; and find out how much it cost to produce it. Once we were done with that, our next step was to find the same pieces at a cheaper price and calculate what it would cost to produce it as whole sale.

Here is my design and what it was inspired by:

GC Idea


The original price for the supplies used to create this necklace are as follow:

Jump Rings/Claw/Chain/Endings: $1

Hemp Strings: $0.50

Beads: $0.10

Labor: $3.20


Production Cost: $4.80

Retail Value: $8.00

Profit: $3.20


I found the supplies cheaper on a wholesale site. The price for the new supplies are as follow:

Jump Ring/Claw/Chain/Endings: $0.50

Hemp String: $0.01

Beads: $0.05

Labor: $1.60


Production Cost: $2.70

Retail Value: $8.00

Profit: $5.30

Finding supplies cheaper and being able to produce more products faster allows you to make a greater profit. The downside on that is that the quality of clothing definitely decreases when more of the same items are produced.

I’ll explain this further in my next assignment blogpost. Keep an eye out for it in the next few days.

Thank you so much for stopping by and taking a peek at a Parsons x Teen Vogue assignment. Hope you enjoyed!

Till next time,

GC xo


Lived In.

Happy Wednesday:

I’m a huge sucker for oversized tees.

Maybe it’s the super laid back vibe they give off, or maybe it’s the fact that they literally feel like you’re wearing your jammies – or it could be both. Nonetheless, I’m obsessed with this super, duper, totally relaxed, casual trend.

I’ve been caught wearing my oversized tee with heels – adding heels gives the overly slouchy top a more feminine feel.


But for today’s post, I wanted to really play around with the roughed up, lived-in look.


Sublime is definitely one of my favorite bands of all time – whenever I listen to them, I am automatically put in a good mood. When I saw this tee at my job during an overnight shift, I just knew it would be the perfect slouchy band tee.


To give this top some edge, I added my HUF socks. There are many reasons why I love my HUF socks, but the main reason? They always add the perfect amount of honest sass to my outfits. For that true Urban, New York look, I threw on my Timberland boots. I swear  I always feel like I can kick ass when rocking ’em.

To cover up on this breezy, summer night, I completed the look with a semi-oversized denim jacket. It’s a true essential in my closet.

There’s only one more outfit left in my June Denim Diary series. I hope you’ve been enjoying my denim inspired looks! This next one is definitely my favorite look! 


Top: Old Navy

Jacket: Gap | Thrifted

Socks: HUF

Boots: Timberlands


How do you style your oversized tee?

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GC xo

Bad Boyfriend.

Happy Friday:

Top: Old Navy.

Off-the-shoulder is definitely one of my favorite trends this season. It’s literally all over the runaways and street style blogs. There’s just something inevitably delicate about exposed shoulders – it’s dreamy.

I’ve been dying to get my hands on a perfect off-the-shoulder top to style endlessly this spring/summer season. I found this one at my job for less than 20 bucks! I love how dainty white can be & with the added ruffle, it has the ultimate boho vibe.

Bag: Brandy Melville. 
Necklace: DeadGypsy & Co. ; Earrings: Thrifted ; Headscarf: Local Store. 
Denim: Target.

To style this top, I decided to pair it with boyfriend jeans. I honestly love being able to flaunt feminine vibes with loose fitting clothing. There’s just something so powerful about being able to feel beautiful in non-fitting clothing. Am I the only one who feels that way?

Wedges: Steve Madden

I wore my Steve Madden wedges to give my outfit a more clean feel. With all of the bagginess going on, the contrast from the shoes is what ties the look together. I added casual accessories to keep my outfit brunch date appropriate – beaded jewelry is always my go to! I simply love how sassy jewelry can make you feel: it’s the world of sassy self expression! Headscarves have been really fun to incorporate into my outfits, too. I need to pick up a few more and start playing around with different designs. This headscarf game is real. 

How would you style this off-the-shoulder top? Let me know in the comment section down below!


I have been wanting to style my boyfriend jeans in a blogpost for the longest and since June is denim month over on my blog, I couldn’t help but go for it!

‘Till next week,

GC xo

Urban Queen.


Happy Wednesday:

On December 15th, I started the Parsons x Teen Vogue Fashion Essentials Online course. I am seriously blessed to be able to dive into the business world of fashion through this course – I don’t really get that fix fashion gives me when I’m taking  the theater classes at my University. This online course consists of 5 different classes, and I am beyond stoked to finally be done with the first one!

It’s recommended that you take 2 weeks to complete each class, but luckily, they give students a full year to complete the entire course. With my busy, busy schedule, that’s definitley something I consider a blessing.

The first class is all about Visual Styling – expect another outfit post next week formatted very similar to this post. The assignment that inspired these series of photographs was based on a mood board I was assigned to create on Pinterest. The mood board was inspired by the aesthetics and fashion/styling images that described me. Since I am a lover of the urban, bohemian vibes, it came as no surprise that my Pinterest board screamed “Urban Queen.”

Creating the Pinterest board was the first assignment – next up, we had to create an image, or a series of images in my case, that reflect the mood board.

Here is a screen shot of my mood board:

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 8.50.36 AM
Urban Queen. | Mood Board. | La Mama Hada.

Since this is a fashion course, and I obviously have a fashion blog, I wanted to really showcase my inspired outfit with a full blog post – thus this post that you’re currently reading. Here are the images that were inspired by my mood board:

















I absolutely love how these photos came out! I want to give a huge thank you to my best friend, and photographer, Oscar, for capturing my vision. There’s nothing but good vibes whenever we work together.

What do you think of my outfit/aesthetic? Does it honestly reflects my mood board?

Would you be interested in me doing a full-on review on the course when I complete it? Please let me know down bellow – I would love to know!

Thank you so much for stopping by. Sending my love!

‘Till next time,

GC xo

Open Journal | Tranquility : BK Blizzard

Happy Friday:

This week’s video is definitely something I recently started on my channel – I love watching Open Journals, so I’ve been experimenting with this style of video a few different ways.

The first one I did, Open Journal | Love, was more poem based, with footage of different moments I experienced last summer. This open journal, which is my second, is definitely more visual based.

 After blizzard Jonas hit NYC mid-January, Darien and I decided to explore Brooklyn & I was completely mesmerized by the calm state the city was in. I brought my camera incase we saw anything wicked – and I am so glad I did!

Here is my Open Journal | Tranquility:

Do you enjoy watching personal videos from me?

Thank you so much for stopping by;

 ‘Till next week,

GC xo

Urban Room Tour NYC | Video

Happy Friday:

When YouTube first became a thing, I remember watching room tour videos non-stop, completely obsessed with how people decorated their rooms to represent and inspire their everyday lives. I always dreamed of having my own room – designed the way I wanted – but I had always shared my room with someone, which was no fun.

When I moved in with my boyfriend, though it was tough adjusting, we found that both of our aesthetics complimented each other really well. Designing our room has been a collaborative thing, and I couldn’t be more happier with the way it looks. The vibes are  just right.

Darien – who is my boyfriend – was sweet enough to rearrange the room the week I did running crew at my school.  The timing was perfect, especially since we are approaching the new year. There are lots of changes happening in my life at the moment & I can’t help but be thankful for this growth I am experiencing.

Though change can be scary, change is necessary for growth, and brings you a step closer to where it is you want to be in life. Never reject change, you never know what magic can happen as a result of being strong enough to endure that change. I can talk about the beauty of change forever, I swear. Let’s get back to the point of this post, though:

I hope you guys enjoy room tours as much as me.

Welcome from Brooklyn, New York:

What do you think of my room?

Thank you so much for watching! If you’re in school, I hope you are surviving finals – we’re almost there!

‘Till next time,

GC xo

My Newbie Experience as a Table Vendor || Plasmaville & the Poor Brown Kids Apt. Series Review


Happy Thursday:

I know this post is a bit different compared to my usual material, but I really wanted to share my experiences as a first time, table vendor.

Before I started this blog, roughly 3 months ago, I spent a lot of my free time working on both my Youtube channel [I still do upload videos, once a week] & my Etsy shop. I’ve been making jewelry & soap for almost a year now, though, my Etsy shop has only been up and running since May. I filmed a video all about ‘How to Start a Successful Jewelry Business’ which you can watch HEREI still stand by everything I said in that video, but two tips I would add from recent experiences: [1] go out & mingle with other artists and [2] seriously look into spending an afternoon at a flea market or event with a vendor table. Last week I had two events, Tuesday, September 1st & Friday, September 4th, in which I had the honor of having a table selling a bunch of my handmade goodies:

Plasmaville: Hosted by Plasma Slug

Plasmaville: Both kids & adults participated in a scavenger hunt to find Plasma Slugs.

Plasmaville was definitely an experience on its own, especially as an attendee. The event took place in a large, open, grassy field, holding the oldest home in New York City [built in 1709], called the Onderdonk House; it’s located between Bushwhick, Brooklyn & Ridgewood, Queens.  For more information on the history of the house & field, click HERE. If you’re in the NYC area, I recommend checking out this house. It’s open for touring on Saturdays, 1-5 P.M. with a 3 dollar suggested donation.

The photo above was located at the far end of the field – it was closed off with yellow tape during the beginning portion of this event. There were tons of Plasma toys hidden, waiting to be found by both kids & adults via scavenger hunt. This was just one of the many dope activities that were offered at Plasmaville.

Big Ed’s BBQ. He traveled all the way from New Jersey to cook for this event.
Face painting was another activity offered.
Finished product of my daughter’s ‘face’ painting.
The table located in the middle of the field was dedicated to arts & craft for the kiddies.

Kids were given an entire area, in the middle of the field, to do all things arts & crafts related. This was, by far, my favorite part of this event. Giving children the opportunity to be creative & use their imagination is something I admire & appreciate. Throughout the entire event, the chairs were continuously filled with attendees – I even peeped a few adults head over there to color, too!

Face painting was also offered, kids & adults alike were being covered in Plasma Slugs.


Through my vendor’s eye: I really do recommend, to anyone, who not only has a business made up of handmade goodies, but if you blog, or do anything via internet – get yourself involved with other artists & creators. This is something I’m personally still working on and I will forever be thankful to both Plasma Slug & the creators of the PBK Art Collective for giving me the opportunity to experience this.

I didn’t have proper business cards for both events, I foolishly ordered them a few days too late; this is definitely something I wish I put more thought into and will be prepared with for future events. Being really familiar with your products is another key component to selling goodies. People love handmade things, but they are more likely to buy your goodies if you speak about your products with honesty & confidence.

I met so many amazing people who bought a few of my soaps & jewelry pieces; but one customer in particular left a mark in my little ol’ heart. Her name was Sophia, and she was my youngest customer. She was between the ages of 4-6. She came over to my table, glanced at everything, asked a ton of questions, then finally saw the only 12k Gold-wrapped Quartz crystal necklace I had. She immediately asked her father to buy it for her, which he did. I put the necklace on Sophia & started telling her all about the meaning & powers behind the Quartz, and I swear, her smile & excitement is something I won’t ever forget. Moments like this, something that I would never be able to experience via internet through my Etsy shop, made me realize that physically interacting with people is a necessity. Sitting behind a computer screen is nothing compared to being face-to-face with your customers, and I am excited to take on the challenge of exploring more flea markets in my neighborhood.

Plasma Soaps.
Camo Plasma, hiding in the bushes.

If you don’t already, be sure to follow Plasma Slug on Instagram. He’s defineitly changing the art game & I wish him all the success in the world.

Take a peek of Plasmaville:

Full credit for this video belongs to: JeffStash Box

Poor Brown Kids Art Collective Presents the Apartment Series Pt. 2: Portraits 

*Photos with artwork aren’t edited; I didn’t want to manipulate them anymore than they already are. 


The PBK Art Collective was a completely different experience. This event had more of a gallery style setting – definitely not your typical art gallery, though. What the Poor Brown Kids are doing with this is revolutionary: one of the founders, Nik Antonio, uses one of the apartments from the building his father owns in Brooklyn to host these galleries. This one in particular is the second installment, & again, this is something I can totally see changing the art game. What I love most about the PBK Art Collective is the fact that they only accept artwork from people of color.

So many people came through; I would definitely say that the night was a total success.

Here are a few of my favorites pieces:

Artist: Nik Antonio
Artist: Oscar Rivera
Artist: Roberto Rischmaui
Artist: Casianna Torres
Artist: Natalage Davis ; Homie in the middle: Oscar Rivera
My set-up. Using a nightstand & Window Sill.

I love the rawness of the location – it’s a key component to the overall experience of this show. You walk into this apartment & see art work hung up, everywhere. Such a chill vibe. The PBK are innovative & I can’t wait to see what the next installment holds.

I’m super stoked to annouce that the PBK Art Collective are interested in having me again, at the next installment. 

I want to, again, thank both Plasma Slug & the PBK crew for the amazing experiences last week. I’ve learned so much about myself, my business & where I want to head next with my brand; I couldn’t have asked for a better reward. 

Natalage was kind enough to give me one of her pieces. It’s currently hung-up in my work station.

20150901_161103Key Tips I’ve Learned:

  • Have a proper, non-misleading business card.
  • Be ready to answer questions.
  • Be knowledgeable & honest about your products.
  • Be friendly, make eye-contact & don’t forget to smile.
  • Make your table set-up aesthetically pleasing.
  • Change products out to give customers something ‘new’ to look at.
  • Surround yourself with people who truly support your work.
  • Ask friends & family to help.
  • Enjoy your time & always have fun!

“Be willing to be uncomfortable. Be comfortable being uncomfortable. It may get tough, but it’s a small price to pay for living a dream.”
Peter McWilliams

Thank you so much for reading:

GC xo

Dark Paradise.

One of my YouTube babes & I worked on a collaboration together; we both styled an outfit around the theme of ‘Boho Grunge.’

Check it out & let me know what you think.

GC xo

Lucky Ones.

pic2Happy Hump Day!

Just to make things clear, I haven’t yet figured out a schedule for my posts. I’m thinking 3 days a week: Monday, Wednesday & Friday.
This is how it’s gon’ be broken down:

Monday: Written post.
Wednesday: Outfit/Photography post.
Friday: Video post.

I’m super stoked to use this blog as a form of expression. I honestly feel like this time, my blog WILL grow with me. I can’t wait to embark on this adventure & hope to make tons of new friends along the way.

I was speaking to Darien [my boo thang] about planning & figuring out where I should take this blog & he recommended that I should have a variety of photos, writings & videos.

I’d love to write more, both for my blog & in my free time. I have a few reasons why: Mainly, I NEED to write more. I use to love writing in high school. It was one of my favorite things to do during my free time. But as I got older, I don’t know what happened, but, my interest just disappeared. Reading & writing is one of the most magical forms of expression, I think. These two things can keep your imagination soaring – that’s amazing. I’d also love to share my experiences as a young momma in this blog. It’d be great to even have discussions about momma life with y’all! If you have any suggestions on what I should write for any future posts, please, let me know.

Fashion is my niche. Hump Day = Best day of the week. It just works.

I will forever love Youtube. I’ve thought about quitting but the love between us is too strong. So expect videos from me. Mostly fashion videos, but don’t worry, there will be some variety in content.

I don’t want this intro to be super long so I’m going to end it here. I promise, next written post is GOING TO BE a proper INTRODUCTION; all about who I am and why I’m here, posting. Stay tuned.

Back to the outfit:

To be honest, there were 2 other outfit posts that were suppose to go up today, but with the circumstances that is called my life, I had to work around distractions.

There were a few things Darien & I had to get done on Sunday, so I had to rush, quickly put an outfit together, and head out. My completed look:


Don’t mind the fact that it’s the ending of June & I’m fully covered. It was pretty chilly in the a.m. due to the rain.

My main tip for this look: black is always the new black. TIP: When in doubt, black it out. No one can ever go wrong with wearing black. I don’t own a black t-shirt [I desperately need to change that], so I decided to add a bit of color with this burgundy/red boyfriend tee. Boyfriend tee’s are my favorite, they just fall in the right places. It was chilly, as I stated earlier, so I covered up with my knit cardi from Brandy Melville.** TIP: When wearing the same color, spice things up with some texture.

I’m so happy that I’ve managed to loose enough weight to pick up a few pair of jeans – these black high waisted skinnies from AE were such a great pick up. I’ve already worn the hell out of them! They match everything, fit me nicely, & are high waisted so food babies can easily be covered.

Shoes & Bag**: I’ve had both of these pieces for over 2 years now, and they are both two of my favorite pieces to rock. Remember my last post? I still stand by fringe being equivalent to my life. The shoes: it’s been a while since I’ve rocked these, but wearing them reminded me of why I loved them so much. Expect to see these again this summer.


pic4For jewelry I kept it super simple with one necklace. I’m wearing the Onyx necklace from my Etsy shop. I’ve been wearing it a lot lately – it’s my current favorite go-to-piece.

This was a super simple, quick look, but is an outfit that really reflects who I am. There’s nothing wrong with being simple sometimes. It’s actually pretty refreshing.

TIP: Sit back, relax & enjoy the simple things.


Outfit Details:

Knit Cardi: Brandy Melville

Tee: Urban Outfitters

Bag: Brandy Melville

Jeans: American Eagle Outfitters

Shoes: Jeffery Campbells

Necklace: DeadGypsie Original

‘Till Friday.
GC xo

**Statement Piece: Quality > Quantity